Frequently Asked Questions

by | Jul 12, 2019

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from Onix Work users.

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

When logging in, you can request a new password. You can read more about signing in to Onix Work by reading our article on Signing into Onix Work

How do I create a new user?

Full users are created by an admin in the Settings module and express users in Companies module. The following articles will help you become more familiar with how to create new contacts and users of your own company, how to assign security roles and how to add a signature user.  You may also find it useful to review our article on how to create contacts and users for your customers in the Companies module.

You can also watch our YouTube videos on how to add contacts and users in Onix Work.

How do I update status on an equipment?

To update status on a piece of equipment, you must perform a new inspection job. You may also select or multi-select multiple pieces of equipment to update the status on the selected equipment. The resulting documentation from an inspection job is an inspection report. Read our articles on how to manually update equipment, create an inspection report, how to create Inspection Report with checklist and how to create a Quick Inspection.

How do I share access to equipment and documentation with other companies using Onix Work?

This is done using the connected companies feature in settings. You can read more about this function in Onix Work in our article on Connected Companies.

I discovered an error in a generated document. How do I fix it?

It is not possible to edit or delete filed documents in Onix Work. This is a necessary security feature of Onix Work, but not to worry – you still have options to correct the error;

To begin, create a copy of the job that generated the document. This copies everything from the last inspection job, including all comments and pictures in the checklist. Make the necessary changes and file the inspection job again to get a new revision of the document. The previous document will automatically be set as inactive. This will not affect original dates, unless you change them manually.

Please keep in mind, you may also recall in order as a way to fix an error in a generated document. To recall an order, follow the instructions in our article about How to Recall an Order.

I am an express user. Why can’t I log in to the expected supplier?

To login to the expected supplier, you must log in via a link on the supplier’s website. When accessing your account through the Onix website, you will automatically be directed to the supplier you logged into on your previous login.

It is important to click “Sign out” in the top right corner before attempting to log in again. Simply closing the web browser will not sign you out automatically.

If you get a message stating “user does not exist” or “password is incorrect”, please make sure you typed the correct email address and password. Check with your supplier to make sure you have an Onix Express user account or that you request a user account from “click here for help logging in” link on the login page to request a user. This request needs approval from your supplier’s admin user before you can logon.

I uploaded inspection jobs using Onix Inspection, but the documents, equipment status and date is not updated in Onix Work. Why?

It can take up to one hour before the inspection jobs uploaded from Onix Inspection are automatically filed.

The equipment’s document, status and due date will be updated once the job is filed. Go to the jobs module to manually file inspection jobs if you cannot wait for the automatic filing process. If your inspection jobs are still not filed after one hour, it usually means something is missing in your settings setup to allow the filing process to complete, or the checklist has not been completed.

You can troubleshoot these issues by checking the following, under settings:

  • Forms must be set up with a default value for default responsible import and default expert import
  • User privileges must be sufficient and with the control categories
  • If control category is set up with verifier, inspection jobs will not automatically file

Please help me search for equipment, my colleague is getting different results with the same search terms.

All users of Onix Work have the same access to equipment, so you need to have a look at your search criteria.

You should reset all search criteria using the icon of a circle going counter-clockwise in the search filter. When this is done, review which areas you are searching in. This dialogue is visible when clicking the ellipse button right for the freetext search field.

You can also watch our YouTube video on this topic.

One of my customers has become a member of Onix Work. What do I do for this customer to see their own equipment and documentation?

Connect to the new Onix Work account in connected companies in settings. Find the customer’s equipment in equipment module. Move equipment by location or contact person to the new Onix Work company.

Set the “old” customer as inactive in Companies module. You can read more about this process in our articles about enabling customers to see their own equipment and documentation in both English and Norwegian.

How do I mark my equipment with RFID and QR codes?

You can learn more about how to mark your equipment with RFID and QR codes by reading our articles in RFID and QR Codes

How do I set up a Zebra label printer?

You can learn more about how to set up a Zebra label printer by reading our article about it. This article is only available in Norwegian.

Autumn Release 2019

Autumn Release 2019

On Friday, October 4th, 2019, we rolled out a new release of Onix Work, Onix Worker, Onix Tool Store and Onix Inspection (Windows and Android).

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