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Go digital and get rid of physical documents. Onix ID helps you simplify identification of lifting gear and dangerous work equipment. Onix ID gives instant access to user manuals and other important documents while on the go.

What is Onix ID?

Onix ID is a pre-printed label with a QR code that you can attach to your equipment and use as a unique identifier of equipment. Just in a couple of seconds you can have access to all the important information needed to use that equipment. With Onix ID you get:

  • Instant access to alI user manuals and certificates
  • identification of work equipment
  • Go digital – no more paper

You do not need a QR scanner or a printer, simply use your smartphone/tablet. It doesn’t get any easier!

Onix ID can be purchased in our webshop

Is this valid as control tag?

The answer is yes! The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority made the QR code legal as an alternative to control tag after quality control in November 2018. The following information must be included:

  • the name on the quality business
  • the name of the certification body that has certified the quality business
  • when the next control shall be executed (month and year) ev. when the control is completed

Onix ID will replace the control tag and the color of the year!

Want to know more?

Do you already have an Onix Work account and want to know more about Onix ID and how to get started? Check out our support article here.

Not a customer yet? Contact our salesteam today and we will help you set up your Onix Work account.

How does Onix Work software work?

Make things easier for yourself! You can now book a demo and one of our representatives will walk you through using Onix Work software. We will show you specific features for your needs.

Autumn Release 2019

Autumn Release 2019

On Friday, October 4th, 2019, we rolled out a new release of Onix Work, Onix Worker, Onix Tool Store and Onix Inspection (Windows and Android).

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