Autumn Release 2019

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Blog

On Friday, October 4th, 2019, we rolled out a new release of Onix Work, Onix Worker, Onix Tool Store and Onix Inspection (Windows and Android). The release included the following changes:

Onix ID

Onix ID is a pre-printed label with a QR code that you can attach to your equipment and use as a unique identifier of equipment. Just in a couple of seconds you can have access to all the important information needed to use that equipment. We have written an article about Onix ID that you can read here.

Job Report

The Job Report is a brand-new report that enables you to efficiently summarize equipment inspected, status and findings to your customer. The Job Report allows for new and improved possibilities for cooperation between inspector and equipment owner.

You can now:

  • Report your findings to customer
  • Assign repair responsibilities for issues
  • Get your customers signature
  • File and distribute the report to customer

To get the jobs you wish to present to the customer, a customization wizard will walk you through a 5-step process to create the Job Report, available in Onix Work and Onix Inspection (online).

Your customer can easily sign on your device using a pen or finger to verify the information displayed on the Report.

Once the wizard is completed, the Job Report document will be stored in Onix Work and shared to each equipment item that was included in the selection. This way, both inspectors and equipment owner will have access to the report at any time.

A screenshot of a computer screen Description automatically generated

Issues enhancements

Some major enhancements in the following areas:

  • New and simplified layout
  • New tab Documents to keep track of the control documentation and checklist the issue originates from; new document type Service Report for uploaded documents
  • New field Progress to help you resolve issues
  • Issue status is no longer editable once the progress is changed from New. Issues originating from a checklist is default Approved
  • New field Issue Owner to choose the entity responsible for solving the issue. Issue Owner can be Company, Location, Department or Person.
  • New and more options for grouping and sorting issues

  • New settings for default handling of issues
    • Define which statuses to be used in your company
    • Standard due dates per status
    • Standard values for Issue Owner

Default settings for status

You’ve asked for ways to configure the status in Onix so we’re bringing you different default settings.

In Settings System Setup Delivery & Inspection, you are able to set up the default configuration for Inspection, Checklist and Quick Inspection.

These settings will be applied for Onix Work, Onix Worker and Onix Inspection.

New site designs

You will see the new Onix Work login screen and designs for the first time. Welcome! We hope you enjoy the new experience and have all the information and updates you need when interacting with Onix Work.

Besides that, Onix Inspection main screen has an updated look, which will bring a brighter context for the app.

Additional improvements and bug fixes


  • Introduce 12 more searchable fields for Equipment Search in Onix Work
  • The checklist can be collapsed so that you can see the section levels of the checklist in Onix Work
  • From scanning a QR code, users not logged-in can see full details of equipment, including status of equipment and next inspection date (Onix Worker)


  • Bug when downloading image file from Onix Work with Chrome browser is fixed

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