What is Onix Work?

We digitize processes related to lifting equipment and work equipment. Access documentation anywhere, anytime.

We help you reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure a safe workplace

Freedom to choose

  • Independent software with no obligation to buy services and products from certain suppliers or inspectors
  • Work with any supplier or inspector
  • Save money on data transfer fees when you switch suppliers or inspectors

Collaborate with your Key Stakeholders

  • Digitally deliver, share and receive accurate data and legal documents
  • All data, all certificates and even user manuals for each piece of equipment is stored all in one place – at one time
  • Reduces the amount of manual data entry tasks required to run your business

Manage your legal risks hassle-free

  • All parties have legal responsibility for safety checks and documentation
  • Prevent site shutdowns, fines, jail time or worse
  • Securely store certificates and other documents for as long as you need to

Use Custom Checklists

  • Create custom checklists for inspection, service and maintenance jobs
  • Use photos and text per checkpoint to help describe issues and concerns
  • Organize and delegate open tasks and findings

Safe and Productive Workplace

  • User manuals and other documents are available to those who need them
  • Eliminate double work, spreadsheets and paperwork
  • Prevent accidents by identifying and removing non-approved equipment


  • Customer support by chat, email or telefon
  • Online Customer Success pages for 24/7 support
  • Free webinars and how-to videos
Watch and Learn!

We help you reduce costs, increase productivity and stay safe at work

Who is Onix Work for?

Field workers

  • Access to user manuals
  • Perform first line maintenance
  • Use photo and text to document issues


  • Reduce accidents
  • Get data instantly
  • Comply with international regulations


  • Work on- or offline
  • Issue high quality documentation
  • Deliver documentation electronically


  • Import orders
  • Generate certificates and documentation
  • Share data with your clients

Not sure which license is right for you?

Let us help you select the right license, or walk you through a product demo.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Onix Work makes you more productive and effective at your job. Onix Work is faster and safer than Excel spreadsheets and paper systems. 24/7 access to equipment status, next inspection date, user manuals, certificates, checklists and other documents.

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