Custom checklists and setup in Onix Work enables consistent and professional ways of working.

Easily meet inspection requirements

As an expert inspector, there are strict requirements on how to perform and document your inspections. With Onix Work, customers always receive a full overview of the work completed and findings are documented with text and pictures.

  • Perform inspections offline by smartphone or tablet with RFID and QR codes
  • Use your own custom checklists and add photos to reports
  • Send documents electronically to customers
  • Generate customer lists, reports and more to help manage day-to-day operations
  • All documents are securely stored in accordance with legal obligations
  • Send automatic email alerts with inspection due dates
  • Use our professional templates to generate consistent documentation
  • Get access to equipment and documents from your customers
  • Apps included: Onix Inspection, Onix Worker
Watch and Learn!

With Onix Work, you collect all legal documentation and equipment data in one place, available 24/7.

Your custom checklist and setup in Onix Work enables efficient, consistent and professional ways of working.

All documents are securely stored and available in Onix Work 24/7. Efficiently identify equipment with RFID and QR-codes.

Inspections are done directly in Onix Work, with automatically generated inspection documents. Your customers always receive a full overview of the work completed and findings are documented with text and pictures. Efficiently locate equipment with RFID and QR-codes. 

Efficiency in registering and administering paperwork

Onix Work creates synergies and facilitates paperless interaction between you and your clients. With Onix Work you can register and track customers, equipment and complete inspection reports, all through our secure cloud-based solution.

If your customers also use Onix Work, they can complete some registration tasks in advance, enabling seamless information transfer. Otherwise, if you use Onix Express, the documentation is digitally available for any customer, on all platforms, 24/7.


Thorough and accurate documentation, instant availability

Onix Work generates thorough and accurate documentation in several languages which is instantly available to your customers. We offer documentation in English, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

Execute and complete inspections offline as well as use checklists with photos to document errors in Onix Inspection.

Complete equipment registry

Onix Work provides a complete overview of equipment that you are responsible for inspecting. In Onix Work, you can quickly and easily search for and retrieve equipment based on various search criteria. It is easy to see if equipment is overdue for an inspection, as well as the equipment’s previous inspection results.

Who is Onix Work for?

Field workers

  • Access to user manuals
  • Perform first line maintenance
  • Use photo and text to document issues


  • Reduce accidents
  • Get data instantly
  • Comply with international regulations


  • Work on- or offline
  • Issue high quality documentation
  • Deliver documentation electronically


  • Import orders
  • Generate certificates and documentation
  • Share data with your clients

Not sure which license is right for you?

Let us help you select the right license, or walk you through a product demo.

Apps Included

Onix Inspection

Onix Inspection is an app for laptops, smartphones and tablets. Use this app to document annual inspections, service, re-certification and more. Use custom checklists for registering findings and concerns while conducting equipment inspections. Onix Inspection allows you to perform inspections offline and identifying equipment by RFID or QR codes.

Smartphone and tablet version can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or Google Play.


Laptop version is downloaded from Onix Work



Onix Worker

Effortlessly stay up to date on status and issues related to your own work equipment through your smartphone with the Onix Worker app. This app is built with the field worker in mind and keeps users up to date with information and documents connected to their Onix Work account while on the go. Use the Onix Worker app to fill checklists for operator maintenance, safety checks and more. Add or solve issues and concerns with comments and photos.

Download is available in the iOS App Store or Google Play



Onboarding packages

Make sure you get going as quickly and smoothly as possible. Get the most out of your Onix Work with the least amount of stress.

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